Lowell Massachusetts Holiday Inn Hotel

The University of Massachusetts Medical School has announced plans to build the first Lowell Massachusetts Holiday Inn hotel on the corner of Broadway and Broadway. Officially known as the Lowell Massachusetts Hospitality Center, the 14-story hotel, designed by local RODE architects, will be located on the site of the former Lowell Hotel on Broadway, right next to the MBTA stop on Broadway.

Many visitors to the city visit the University of Massachusetts Lowell, but prefer to drive to Boston, which is just over 30 minutes away. From here, it takes about 18 minutes to get to Lowell, and there is a bus stop at the MBTA stop on Broadway and Broadway, and a train stop in Tewksbury. Boston events are also a great place for residents and tourists alike who want to have fun any day of the week. A little further from TEWKSbury are the Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Massachusetts Museum of Natural History, both just a few miles from the Lowell Holiday Inn.

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Ice skating in South Easton, MA, or take a break to watch the Boston Bruins play the New York Yankees at Boston's Fenway Park. For more great activities in and around Boston, check out our top 10 activities in Boston and other parts of the city.

Since UML acquired the campus, the site has been home to the Lowell College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Massachusetts and the Lowell School of Law from 1894 to 1973.

Ice rinks, the first ice rink in the United States and one of the oldest ice rinks in the world in North America.

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The town of Lowell borders the town of Chelmsford, which is a good base if you are looking for a Lowell, Massachusetts hotel. In the northwestern part of the city, called Pawtucketville, there are eight different neighborhoods in and around Lowell. Compared to the Boston Public Garden, the larger, sprawling Boston Common has less charm.

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If you are in South Boston at this time of year, you can enjoy the outdoor ice rink on the grounds of the Lowell Holiday Inn hotel. The closure is expected to last two weeks, as the rink is expected to reopen in November. A well-lit rink with a variety of skating equipment is a great opportunity to have an unforgettable and fun skating experience.

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